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Hot water treatment can help improve the inflammation and metabolism of people in the community


According to a new study, it can help to improve the inflammation and blood sugar levels (glucose) in people who are unable to treat hot water. The results will be published before printing Journal of Applied Physiology.

Physical stress such as driving may cause short-term growth of inflammatory symptoms. After exercise the level of inflammation chemistry (IL-6) is increased. During the so-called inflammatory reaction, it stimulates the release of the anti-inflammatory substances to combat the high levels of inflammation called chronic lower inflammation. Recent studies have shown that increased body temperature increases the inflammatory response and provides the basis for identifying alternatives to lower inflammation in the body. Previous studies have also identified the relationship between body temperature and the production of nitrogen oxide, which helps maintain blood flow and help lift glucose throughout the body.

Researchers have investigated inflammation, sugar and insulin levels. Volunteers have been divided into hot water and environmental temperature at least three days. The researchers will have a rest of their blood samples for up to 80 minutes in room F and up to 15 minutes. After the break, the participants sat in the room or entered the hot water bath for 60 minutes. In the hot water test, the volunteers were immersed in the water of 102 degrees. The study group measured the men's heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature every 15 minutes under measuring and control. Two hours after each session, blood samples were taken back.

Researchers have found that one session of hot water dumping caused an increase in blood IL-6 and increased nitrogen oxide production, but 72 did not alter the appearance of another protein, which is considered to be of vital importance to the health of the heat. Nevertheless, the two-week treatment period in hot water baths has led to a decrease in starvation levels of sugar and insulin, as well as low inflammation in the quiet.

Men reported a degree of inconvenience during hot water absorption due to the high water temperature or the amount of time required to remain under water. Researchers acknowledge that such conditions may make it difficult for people to attend this type of alternative treatment. However, the positive effect of increased inflammation and increased insulin sensitivity improves aspects of the inflammatory profile and enhances glucose metabolism in men with overweight and suggests that physical activity can improve the metabolic health of the body that can not achieve metabolic changes in the body, researchers wrote. .

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