Sunday , August 7 2022

How and where public organizations can go against G20?


Despite the 22,000 security agents covering Buenos-Aires, more than a hundred social and human rights organizations are celebrating Friday's public transport festivities and restrictions on Friday Does not accept the G20 meeting.

It will not be at the summit's headquarters, Costa Salvador or Kosa Rosada. Caravan leaves From 15 to 15, Julio and San Juan are the 9th and it ends Congress, after tour – after agreeing with the national government – it will happen Avenida de Mayo.

"Many people have to walk in order to get to the point of contact, it is not a coincidence that the car is stopped, publicized and publicly demobilized and that the people do not need to express themselves freely," he said. Beverly Kin, The Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Perez Esquell, the standard of peace and justice.

Representatives of more than 100 women's organizations were accompanied by men and women Mothers of the Plaza Plaza in Mayo, the party of the left and the Pieterson, CTA, CTEPand other popular fronts.

March 30 is a motto "Not for G20, Macri – with the agreement of the IMF, Trump Out and other imperialist leaders,
Outside, For non-payment of external debt, No regulation, repayment and repression.

Representatives of this group protested «G-20 – uniting outside the IMF»It was decided by the Ministry of National Security at the second Majilis.

"We do not agree with anything"identified Nestor Petro, Leader of the working party. At this meeting, the Head of the Main Coordinating Department of the Ministry of Security, Jermain Milman, the protesters have no identities and asked for a stick.

"This group has no consent to militarization. We urge the people to be free and refuse the operation and the presence of police, "said Petro.

The organizers allowed them to go Plaza de Mayo, "Symbolic place", but they were not allowed, as accessibility in this sector of the city is limited.

From security they prevented through the obelisk. So the march is on the way San Juan, on the 9th Avenue of Julio and then in Avenida de Maio, will "go up" to the Congress.

Milman initially promoted them to Independence Avenue, Entre Ríos, and then to the Congress, but representatives of the protesters refused.

At one point, organizations are expected to read a document, but this is still unclear. The G20 counter-team was strongly responsible for the loss of security during protests.

«This is a state that must be guaranteed by a citizen. I can not guarantee that there is little government to persecute him, "he said. Perez Escivel to the radio Futurok.

"The victory of the government is a commitment to express our rights this is a policy of a democratic lifehe said Infobae Juan Marino, From the Party of Pieters:We protect the peace, and the government is violent. Any fact will be their responsibility. "

The movements mobilizing the inhabitants of Confurano, Pomerero or CEPE, invite their country to enter the Capital. "And because there is no car, they have to walk. It will be difficult"said Marino.

A source from law enforcement agencies commented Infobae At the meetings with Miller, the official said "violence in all aspects of the violence and the Government's efforts to ensure that no acts of violence have been committed by the security forces."

"I'm not afraid of what might happen"he explained Nora Cortinas (88), from the Maio mothers: "I have the hope that the Government will not do it provocative actions Like the last mobilization, they pile the sidewalks. I have been on the street for 42 years, we have never had such an uproar and we do not answer them. «

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