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How did the gymnastics and the center change around? – 29.11


The Argentinean cup is again amazed and plays in the finals apart from the two big teams called the Big Five. By its strength and loyalty, Gymnastics and Rosario Centerthey will determine the winner of the 2018 Argentine Cup and will be delighted with more than two decades each other.

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El Lobo, despite having no local championships in the professional championship, yes, he was on his national shelves in the 1993s. In this case Roberto Perfumo team left Estudiantes on the road to celebrate the 100th anniversary of AFA. and then identified his name to the river, only in January 1994. In addition, in 1929, gymnastics won the tournament in amateur.

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Then, after winning the Argentinean Cup, The La Plata team returning to the Olympic Stage 25 years later without festive events. An important prize, such as classifying Libertadores, who won the contest.

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To restore Canalla's final time, it is necessary to return to the 90s. In 1995, along with the great Angel Tulio Zof, the Rosario Academy won the historic final of the Mercos Cup at Atlético Ménéro.. After losing 4-0 in Brazil, he won a series of victories in Gigante de Arroiroito and won a penalty. Next December 7, he will be 23 in the final, one day after the final gymnastics.

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If only domestic tournaments were taken into account, the last Grand Prix was held 32 years before the 1986/87 tournament. Wolves are at the highest point of their history? Or is there a striker wanting to return to the holiday by taking a thorny spell with an Argentinean cup?

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