Saturday , June 3 2023

How to find all the Clown Cabinets in Fort Wayne


If you do not know where to find a carnival clown this week, we will tell you where to go.

Rafael Maldonado

After arrival week 9 including Fortnite, the game offered us new threats as part of the difficulty to get season skin, and this week we asked for something special: different carnival clown stands.

But if you do not know if you have a problem or how to solve it, do not worry, we'll tell you what to do. This task will come about again small game, where we must delete cylinders If they leave the board, you need to find another 10 points when you get 10 points Put the.

Here you will find carnival tables

Make sure you are different messages, because playing multiple times in the same situation, even if you collect more than 10 points, will not be difficult, so you have to look for other places to go. If you do not know where they are messages we leave you with the card.

This is the message you are looking for

You have come repeatedly carnival clown stands The problem will be over, we advise you not to do this as a team, so someone will take care of you, cylindersAlso, as the map contains only four points, the storm must be as fast as you can before you get it.

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