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How to make pairs of crosswords in the semi-finals of "Biaxia-2018" – 12/15/2018

«Dance of 2018"Her"ShowMatch"Four (four) pairs were identified at night semi-finalists take part in the competition. They performed it in the tango round, which became a fashionable opening: Mora Godoy and his company danced on the road.

After the opening of Mora Godoi, six pairs made their choreography: Jimena Baron and Mauro Kajazza, Diego Ramos and Lourdes Sanchez, Mica Vikikone and Nacho Saraceni, Sophie Mornadi and Julian Serrano, Cynthia Fernandez and Gonzalo Gerber, Meri Del Serro and Fakundo Mazzey.

After this fight, the jury chose two couples, two of whom voted for the public. The jury awarded the semifinals to the following couples: Jimena Baron and Mauro Kayzzza and Sophie Morandy and Julian Serrano.

On the other hand, the public (30.36 percent of the vote) was selected Mica Viciconte with Nica Sacaceni and a With Mary Del Centro, the Faqundo Mazzey (27.32% of the vote).

So, two pairs deleted They were Diego Ramos available Lourdes Sanchez and one Cinthia Fernández available Gonzalo Gerber.

As usual,Dancing"He wrote, Marcelo Tinelli Sealed envelopes with four pairs of names were taken out of semifinals to find out what the cross was.

The result was as follows: Monday, Mica Viciconte and Nacho Saraceni meet Sophie Moran and Julian Serrano; on Tuesday Jimena Baron and Mauro Kayzza fight Mery del Serro and Faku Mazzey. Thursday will be the final finals and closing of June 2018,ShowMatch«

Before dancing with her choreography, Maria Del Serro I said On Thursday evening at ShowMatch, her heart-to-heart testimony suggests that she was subjected to sexual violence at the age of 11. "I took the backpack," he said, "when I talked to a lot of girls, I was still very excited and did not sleep a lot last night, it was a day of my being a woman and a man. I was so surprised by the number of messages I received from the same people. "

On the other hand, FAKOUNDO MAZZEY, dance partner Mary Del Serro On Thursday night, when she heard about her full-time evangelist, she drowned the whole choreographic and said that she was restored from hypotension.

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