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"I played with a broken head" – 11/28/2018


Blaise Junta is an emblem for and is. A person who has abandoned everything when he says he is wearing blue and gold, talking and feeling. So he could not walk right now. When Admiral Brown finished 4-2 with Substitute "Deportivo Español" for the Metropolitan, the former midfielder asked him what to do in the shocking superclass …

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Blaise Junta, when he played Boca.

"I play them every day, I play, I do not have any problems … If I've just played, I've played. If we have a broken head, we have played somebody " said Blaise Armando and duplicated the ethnic game if he tried to make an opinion if he had to face the river with such an absurdity.

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During a conversation with ESPN, Almirante Brown's coach said: "Not everything I've said is incompatible. God tells them what will happen«

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After the semi-finals, Junga showed us his teeth as he waited for Conmebel's failure to ask Boca's points.

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