Sunday , June 20 2021

Images posted on Instagram help prevent influenza

If you are looking for a map the best in the worldMaybe you need your goal Finland. In the Annual Report of the United Nations (UN), it has highlighted positive changes, such as the overall gross domestic product, low level of corruption, quality of life and living standards of the population.

Now we know about the exciting advances in their health policy. did you know Finnish researchers analyze trends in social networks to prevent disease in the people?

Hashtags to fight flu

An artificial intelligence specialist at the Medical Faculty of Tampere University, Finland Correlation between the information posted on Instagram and the emergence of the flu There are about 5 million people in this country.

"This study shows that social networks, especially those with shared photographs, can be valuable sources of information," researchers say.

In collaboration with the company software, Which exceeds the data provided by the National Institute of Health and Social Welfare in Finland More than 20,000 publications on social networks.

Analyzed posts are published from 2012 to 2018. Obviously, they restricted the content of the content downloaded by Finnish users. Explain that the report has never reviewed general information and personal data.

"This study shows that social networks, especially the public, can be a valuable source of information for the field of infombiology," experts say.

The infomediology – this is a new branch of knowledge based When analyzing events, they occur simultaneouslyor based on online information.

Finnish researchers explain that Instagram has acquired influenza hashtags as well as photos. For example, they examined the signs such as the presence of boxes with medicines and tablets in the tablets.. The system was trained to recognize various medicines.

Once the information obtained from social networks has been cut off with official information, they are: a direct relationships with the disease of the "influenza" with the disease.

Conclusion? Careful study of people's behavior on the internet helps improve health policies. Things That Are Going From the First World

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