Wednesday , November 25 2020

In China, iPhone is a product for low-income people?

We regard Apple products as a means of providing a social status and this is the reason why many consumers in Europe and America are buying one of these products, but what about people in China? iPhone.

According to the market research agency MobData, there are people in China who have a lot more money and better readiness than the Huawei or Xiaomi equipment for iPhone.

On the other hand, iPhone is better The only woman from 18 to 34 years She studies in high school.

Agency Most iPhone owners in China usually have about 3,000 yuan a month, which is about 8,800 MXN. However, this does not mean that these people are betting on new models because according to the agency, the Chinese model is the iPhone 6, launched in 2014.

Compatible with the iPhone 6 6S, 6S plus and iPhone 7, but we do not see any models listed in the list last year or 2018.

On the other hand, married couples with high education, earning between 25 and 34 years old and earning around $ 1,800 (36,700 MXN), usually buy Huawei and Xiaomi equipment.

Apple and Huawei tighten their pockets on their phones

The study itself does not mean that iPhone is a phone for people with a low voice, but because it is a aspirin product, people buy it with a credit to earn a high status that they can really achieve for their social status.

It looks like a common theme in different parts of the world, but in China, Apple is still a brand that strives to compete with local brands such as Huawei or Xioami.

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