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In connection with the problem of supply, the private sector may not have anti-meningic vaccines – 23.11.2012


Year ends and The second time that the vaccine against meningitis is a novelty. It is now recognized by a laboratory in Italy supply is insufficient, which affects the reserve on a separate market. But in August, when the Ministry of Health broke off an official vaccination scheme, she decided to stop applying to the 11-year-old boys.

It was a common factor logic and logistics will be unsuccessful. About this application he shared it Clarin GSK, a laboratory that produces MenveoThe commercial name of the vaccine against the dynamic meningococcus serotype, A, C, W and Y – in three doses – for children 3, 5 and 15 months: "GSK Reduction of vaccine lot emissions From the production site in Roses, Italy. We are confident that delivery will begin in early December 2018. «

He assured us that the situation was in the laboratory affect only "equipment in the private sector". On the other hand, the Secretariat of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan provided the people who needed it they can be used in the public sector. They assured that there are enough vaccines to meet the needs of both sectors.

On the other hand, this week has exceeded the information of the La Plata newspaper Date, where the vaccine was not vaccinated in La Plata. In this regard, according to the Healthcare Secretary, in any case this may be due to the problem of distribution, but there is no vaccine in the public sector.

In addition to this, health professionals used the opportunity to highlight a successful decision last August, which has already had some "unpredictable" unexpected events, in a break Menveo use for boys aged 11 years, it should not be used when it has infants, but should be used as the single dose of the same age.

The truth is that the suspension regulator date is unknown. At the same time, health care workers in the community complained that this was a discomfort to healthcare workers, but health authorities did not influence anyone on that decision.

They have understood that due to logistical problems in supplying the vaccine they do not have to reach the end of the year, they should have priority over risk groups, ie children and adults aged 11 and 11 are considered to be "healthy carriers" of meningococci. The purpose of protecting them from the vaccine was to form the "shield of the people" to care for the most vulnerable groups, as explained thus.

Following this decision, a 11-year-old girl from Asociación Civil AJUS ran to the Department of Justice to request a vaccine against meningitis. The federal federal court of La Plata decided not to renew the vaccine for children of all ages in the Buenos Aires province.

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