Monday , September 27 2021

In November, debit and credit card usage grew by 14%

credit card

Increase the financial cost of remuneration to 120%

Increase the financial cost of remuneration to 120%

According to Atacyc, its growth was noted the peso account volume is over 40% since the beginning of the year mobile telephony, service and airline tickets.

In exceptional cases debit cards, was the largest moving element Increase by 47.9% and pay for services The number of operations and 95.5 pesos. Here are 43.8 and 48.1 air tickets, respectively.

On the side credit cards, cellular telephony rating Transactions – 34.6 percent, and in the amount of 56.2 percent. Then the service fee was 24.2 and 81.7 respectively.

Decrease in the number of credit card transactions in November showed that, compared to the corresponding month in 2017, there were households in November, down 23.0% on deals; furniture and mattress (-18.3%), clothing and footwear (-11.1%).

In turn, the number of transactions decreased by debit cards, clothes and footwear (-8.9%), furniture and mattress (-8.6%) and household goods (-8.0%).

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