Saturday , January 28 2023

In November, the Banco Provincia card stores 50% discount on supermarkets


The Banco Provincia customers' 50% discount program will continue in November: the winner will be in 28 branches and 1785 branches in Buenos Aires, next Wednesday. The chains of San Pedroda – Vea y Día%.

This profit has been used since the first issue of more than 1 million people. While this promotion was planned until September, Banco Provincia decided to expand its customer base on a high demand basis.

According to the data given in the previous four days, the average transaction transaction was 2411 pesos, of which 70% were debit cards and the remaining 30% were loaned. In some supermarkets, the number of clients has tripled in comparison with the same date in other months.

The Campaign includes purchases of credit, debit cards, food products, soft drinks, cleaning products and all care products issued by the organization. The price of the specified segments.

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