Friday , May 14 2021

in practice, no one notice the change in the application

I know what's new whatsapp.

There was a new update application but a small change in the interface has not been forgotten by many users. If you have version 2.18.361 available on Android and iOS, the public is expected to learn more about the time.

Details ► Causes Your WhatsApp account to be deactivated

What does this mean? WhatsApp decided to change the way the table was presented. The instant messenger service stops watching. and b. Start using "7:20 PM", "4 in the afternoon" or "9 in the evening".

But that is not all! As for the renewal, WhatsApp Older software systems are outdated on mobile phones. Nokia S40 Managed Apps will now have cell phones that can not be supported by the app.

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By 2020, WhatsApp it will not work on devices running Apple iOS 7 or older or on devices with Android 2.3.7.


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