Saturday , June 3 2023

In the midst of the crisis, sales of 0 km have been reduced by 54%


In some cases, quota doubled and many guardians do not know how to deal with the situation in a short time

0 km, depending on the vehicle sales decline, various types of financial alternatives, especially savings plans, classic for Argentina, the acquisition or replacement of the first new model.

According to official data of "Akara", which unites dealers in our country, sales of vehicles through financing in our country have dropped by 45%.

Purchased 21,362 units, 44.6% of the total number of patents for the month.

According to the World Association of Dealers in the World (Acara), the savings plan, which declined by 54.3% last month.

In the first ten months of 2018, 734,767 new cars were sold in the country. 50.7% were purchased in cash, 48.2% fell on clothes (most of the plans were transported) and the remaining 1.1% were leased.

The annual accumulated amount of funded cars was 350106 units.

In clothing, 53% comply with the collection terminals of the car. They are the savings plans that increase their quota for the car's price.

In the sector this decrease is mainly due to the increase in the price of 0 km and the increase in interest rates.

For the fifth consecutive month, total funding reflects negative sales figures.

Within the framework of allocated options the condition of savings plans is complicated: from September (-50.9%), August (-39.9%), July (-28.4%), -14%) and April (-2.9%).

By 2018, the five largest Fiat companies, 22.1% of the largest savings plans; Volkswagen, 18.3%; Renault, 16.2%; Chevrolet – 15.1% and Ford – 12.5%.

In October, 48,330 units were patented, which was down by 38.5% compared to the decline in the five months of the month.


In addition to receipts from savings plans, each of the four plans is designed for debt.

According to industry analysts, savings plans for customers this year have decided to bring these tools up to 0 km.

From May to November, as a result of the devaluation of cars, the monthly payments have undergone two strong correction. This caused doubling the monthly payment almost several times.

The sector is concerned that more than 25% of the plans represent a certain level of default.

There is a great discomfort as there is a high level of adjustment among the buyers, as well as unexpectedly. In many cases, subscribers are thinking of moving forward, while others are out of the cycle.

Experts in the industry say that people who have been in the system long ago do not want to lose everything they want.

On the other side of the report, since consumers who have paid two dollars in cash and paying for a fee go straight out of the system, they know that it can not be maintained over time, and they want more than a few months to stay up to the moment they're done.

Growth of the commission doubled.

The small machine, which is the best sellers on savings plans as the option to enter the Citroën C3 range, increased from $ 354,000 to $ 528,000 in May and November; Due to the situation in Renault Kwid, the increase was from $ 251,000 to $ 410,000, or more than 60 percent.

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