Friday , May 14 2021

IPhone XS comes to Argentina: these prices

The Apple smartphone is ready to land on the local market, and as a luxury object, it does some high values

The iPhone XS has already landed on the Argentine market. And, as it can not be otherwise, the local phone will complete the expected release information.

Private and Claro have confirmed the pre-sale of the smartphone, and even puts online prices at the local level, first of all, on the field.

Remember that in a smaller size; The iPhone has always been a luxury product in Argentina and will stay in the shortest possible time. Numbers can even intimidate several buyers.

Accordingly iPROUP, the iPhone XS Max 256GB (gray) costs $ 108,999, which is $ 2,800 at current price ($ 39). As a reference, it sells for $ 1,249 in the US market. The 64 GB version will cost $ 95899, which is $ 2,460. In the United States, its value is $ 1,099. It costs personal expenses.

When switching to 256GB XS (grayscale), the phone company sells the sales at $ 100,299 (US $ 2,600 at the current exchange rate, US $ 1,149). The 64 GB version (gold, silver, and gray) is offered on a "simple" $ 87,199 (US $ 2,250, US $ 999).

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