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Is there extrovert extensions when it comes to affection? | Life


According to new research, extruders may have sexual intercourse. - AFP pic
According to new research, extruders may have sexual intercourse. – AFP pic

QUEENSLAND, Nov 23 – New Australian research finds that most men and women can be extravagant sexual partners.

Researchers at the Queensland Technological University surveyed 2,998 heterosexual men and 1,480 heterosexual women who participated in the 2016 Australian Sexual Survey.

Participants responded to many socio-demographic questions and completed the BIG 5 personal test which is currently the most widely recognized personality, measuring the level of extrasorce, consistency, neurotism, honesty and openness to practice.

Information published in the journal Personality and personal differencesshows that the high level of extraveration for men and women is associated with a high level of sexual frequency, which is also the result of previous studies.

Moreover, the abundance of personal qualities, especially for men, is due to more loyal, emotional stability, and extravagant sexual activity.

High extraversion or lower openness in men, as well as due to the large number of children.

However, many females were only "more satisfied" than females.

According to the results of the research, the exact combination of the individual's characteristics makes it easier for men to look for partners and, most often, to search for women.

"Throughout history, competitive advantages have helped men and women to achieve employment, sport, artistic skills, the ability to buy and supply their resources, and ultimately their lives," says Dr. Steven White.

"However, personal information about shortcomings and deficiencies in sexual activity and success in the generation is still unclear. Science does not know exactly how individual behavior affects human beings and reproductive behavior, and especially supports the personality of men and women.

"Our conclusions show that the big difference in men and their particular combinations can give a preference for sex and reproduction, but it is not visible to women we have analyzed," he said. – AFP-Relaxnews

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