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isolating the contact and not detecting it


Of course, you've thought about blocking WhatsApp contact. Pay attention.

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<p><span style=The world's most widely used messenger application lets you talk to us with all of our contacts and our phone number. If you do not want someone to talk to you, the best of them is to block WhatsApp from something very simple and fast.Today, we show you the best ways to block WhatsApp for anyone, its consequences and blocking. If you want to know everything about this theme, stay with us because we are telling you now.

Block the contact you have saved

To block a contact from the agenda in WhatsApp, you must only go to the menu and add the user to a blocked list in the privacy settings. Do not you understand? We will explain it step by step.

Press the Menu button

Go to Settings

Now go to the account section

Go to blocked contacts

Tap the added contact icon

Select the contact you want to block

This is easy So you can create a list of blocked contacts in WhatsApp. You can get advice on how to quickly and conveniently block contacts.

Block the contact you have not stored

Someone can get our phone number and try to talk to us. If you want to ban a person who is not in your contact list, do the following.

Skip to an unknown number

Open the menu

Continue to stop the call

You've blocked someone you have not yet listed in WhatsApp. You will not be able to chat with that phone number and it will be automatically added to the blocked contact list.

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