Sunday , June 20 2021

Janine Lortherden Flor warned Penne: "If you are involved in an external fight, do it and do not try it …"

They were friends and they stopped him. The Dancing and closer relationships with the test. Янина Латоре Флор Пенья Л.Jury: the panel "hates all."

"He does not like anything, everything looks like lead. He hates artists. What would you like to say, Told Madjo Martino about the wife of Diego Lorrard.

After returning to the record, Janina smiled: "If you go into an external fight – Together with Sophie Moran –, you have to return because you are b … and you ".

"I have a beautiful audio", He warned sharply at the key and said that it was really the beginning of the exchange ShowMatchthe jury took part with the participant.

"We have joined Esmeralda's hatred, and then,, He assured and added: "I have nothing against artists, you criticize them,.

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