Tuesday , August 16 2022

Johnny Walker and Lemon, Post-afternoon wound


Is this whiskey just mentioned in exceptional cases? Or what about "stones"? This drink is the most "cow" in the country – attracting more attention to its fans and attracting new days every day.

And Polo Open is not a stranger. There's Johnnie Walker House, a new Scottish brand brand new offer for those who like this drink: Johnny Walker & Lemon – red sticker, ice and lemon lime juice.

Whiskey is a classic spirit and its ritual is valid. Johnny and Limon Holbol, lightweight, refreshing and low alcohol content.

During the event were various famous people, such as Benjamín Vicuña, Juan Gil Navarro, Pepe Barroso, Fran Stoica, Luciano Jacob, Eduardo Novillo Astra and Astrid Münose, who listened to the songs of Signo and Sole Rodríguez Zubieta.

Johnny Walker for the first time in the Argentine Open Polo Championship. Apart from the sponsors of the tournament, the brand's brand has a space of up to 6 December each Thursday and each of its best drinks after each game.

The first one lasted until 00:00. live music, artists and various gastronomic offerings.

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