Sunday , April 2 2023

Juanita Tinelli emerged after a strong rumor of Toto Otero's division


There were news this week amongst the relationships Juanita Tinelli and Toto Otero and the magazine was published Argentina last edited.

While none of the young people expressed their own opinion on this, Marcelo Tinelli's daughter has recently reacted Peoria's relationship with the son is not good.

After that, the driver's daughter came back again. Juanita Tinelli went with her father enjoy time together to see Basketball game at the San Lorenzo Sports Center.

Photographers were able to share the photos of Juanita with her father, Marcelo Tinello, with smiles and fun during the game.

Although Flor decided to talk about an explosion with a child of Peña, the bride's rumor was strong.

Photos: Grosby / M Souto

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