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La Voz: Tini and Ricardo Montaur were surprised by their "theft" at the last moment


The youngest trainers are among the most charismatic members of the cycle

The first knockouts of the night were Eugenia Stook and Thomas Maldonado


. And with your coach

Carlos Vivs

, Arianna Cordoba has prepared a version of "Almost almost never enough". Buenos Aezan chose to explain Harry Still's "Time Symptoms".

After the presentation,

Ricardo Montaner

He said: "If I were in Axel's place, I would not have been separated from each other." "It's very difficult because I'm not alone, but I do not know what you need in your group," he said.

Soledad Pastorutti


"What God has done, I would have preferred Eugene, but they were both good," said Tini. Aksel agreed, and was eager to keep Eugenio in his team. From that moment, the other trainers had the opportunity to "Lucid Abduction", when nobody seemed to use this option, Montagne was surprised and took the child to his team.

Then the tango Natalia Lara and Esther Carpintero arrived in Spain. He began to understand something less than the word "Rata de Dos Patas" by Pantano Pacto del Barrio. La Lupe sang songs in Spanish, along with very powerful songs requiring a beautiful interpretation of the "Puro Theater".

After listening to their suggestions, coaches returned to their destination. "They are perfect, and I chose songs," says Tini. "They are well-organized, each of them working perfectly well," Axel said. "I think that both have brought them to a comfortable environment," said Montaner.

Soledad has a lot of productivity at the time, but Natalya flips when she chooses. None of the other coaches used the Spanish team.

Colombian Juan Pablo Nieves and Montaner's Irvin Diaz have been scored. Carlos Vives performed two Carlisle songs. The first is "La gota fría" and the second "New Fruit".

"The truth is that both are very charismatic, and for Ricardo, it's very hard to do it, and I see it a bit short of Juan Pablo," Soledad said. "I've loved two of them, they have charisma and an angel," said Tini.

Axel explained that "Irwin has a dance path," but he admitted that "Juan Pablo was weak." In the end, Montaner said he wanted to keep Venezuelan. However, the charismatic Juan Pablo step is shown
Argentina La Voz After finishing, at the last moment Tini hardly squeezes and leads him to his team.

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