Monday , June 5 2023

Laurita Fernandez has been criticized for speaking to Natalie Weber in her film "Bakhata": "I'm surprised to see"


The jury was strong in analyzing the performance of the model and its dancers. Look at him!

Laurent Fernandez abuses the role of annotation in appointing Natalie Weber in Bailando 2018

It's a special night. Yet Mauro Zarate ready to play Finals of the Libertadores with a shirt Mouth it is before Saturday The river, Natalie Weber – His wife leaves everything on the road Dance of 2018 Desirable access to the competition.

After several battles with low opponents, the participant was surprised by the jury. He was one of the happiest people in the operation Lorita Fernandezwho violated his annotations at the time of his return.

"I write everything in this article. Bakhatah is a mixture of technique and sensitivity, I was amazed at what I saw, I did not write anything, it really was my pleasure.

"I write everything in this article, in fact … Bachata is a mixture of technique and sensitivity. I was surprised to see. I did not write anything I really have a hospot because I thought you liked it, Nataliehe said.

"You did not think about choreography, you know dance, and I felt that you felt it, I thought they were sexually related and that it was not so imaginary that they were beautiful and beautiful, it was beautiful but passionate. It was a bachelor for me. I have the best prices I have seen better"It is closed without knowing it, because in this round I hold the mystery.

I have confirmed excellent productivity Natalie Weber included Dance of 2018!!

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