Monday , November 30 2020

Lieutenant Sophie Sanchez's Violence Against the Pearce

The media war broke out again That's Piraeus and Lourdes Sanchez. They were strongly opposed by the last gala Dance of 2018 and they continued to fight on social networks.

Participant Show experts He was criticized by the jury. Then he asked for production: "It's not dancer, it kills all of us. First, dancers make it first and they will have the largest number of farmers. "

Lourdes recollects the episode in accuracy: "I was supposed to dance on Monday on Tuesday, Tuesday.". The choreon at that time asked for dancing on Monday and sent me on ThursdayThe participant replied: "When I abandon the person, he does not take part in the rehearsal."

The discussion continued until the spouses Chatto Prada closed his ears. Seeing this reaction, Perez asked Iron, "Do not you listen to your hot complaint?" JOURNAL Jury: "I love my voice, and she keeps many children."

The owner of the strong personality, Sol, criticized his colleague ShowMatch In Twitter, he wrote: "My voice has many children, mine is here, Posta, how is the kids program?"

Lourdes sees his opponents say: Soltame Solcito. The disciple responded, "I noticed that dogs were not disturbed by the fact that he was not left on Piraeus and that it was turned off."

Enjoyed Climate daughter killed his colleague "I died for 3 months. @lourdesanchezok My God, what is this bad man, has shown with horns with Lorita and what is it now?

"She was a Tokyo, a small dog, she was killed for killing what it was like gambling?" Lordendeonzezok and the next, you tell me you need to work in the belt, tell me. he said.

How does this fight continue?

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