Saturday , June 19 2021

Lionel Messi's picture illustrates his three love

Lionel Messi comes on weekends, as he will play a new version of Catalan's Espanyol on Saturday. Cornellà-El Prat and on Sunday is controlled by the Copa Libertadores Superfinal team between Santiago Bernabeu and the Boca.

In the foreground, the striker of Barcelona has been relaxing and taking pictures it appeared in history Instagram He knew what his three friends were. At first glance, you can just see a pair of thermos and a table on the table, but some details Money.

One is a thermocouple engraver. For Messi, the family is very important Her name is Antonella Roktsuso and her three children (Tiago, Mateo and Siro).

It also points out the presence Argentine flagat the moment of its entry into force in the last hours to hear that Money I could go back to the collection albiceleste Play friendly matches of March in Brazil's 2019 Copa América.

All members of the family (plus 10) are married and have a wedding ring, It is known that the Newell shield exists, his club Rosarino is a fan of.

Although several supporters of the millionaires claimed Messi's power in Nunes, the player from Barcelona was shown with small movements that show that blood is "liprosized."

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