Saturday , January 28 2023

Listen to the Mars day rung


No amount of listening can help you to hear something like Mars, especially when it is a Mars. Of course, you can not create your own sound effects, for example, Dr Domenico Vicinanza and Dr. Zhinevie Williams made the Opportunity rover on the 5000th day of the Red Planet. The result is a two-minute musical number that matches the definition in another world.

Using a technique called "Data Strengthening", the couple managed to turn this photo into this relaxing, ethernetic part.

Although data is readily read, this clever part does not comment:

Researchers scanned the image from pixel-to-pixel-to-pixel color by viewing the brightness and color information and combining them with surface altitude. They used algorithms to designate a specific step and music for each element.

Calm, slow harmony – the effects of the black background and the luminosity of the loudspeaker in the center of the room are caused by the increase in the solar disk drive.

Music was presented not only for our benefit, but also at the SC18 conference last week in Dallas, where participants not only heard the sound, but also feeling he also said:

[It was] conventional loudspeakers and audio signal converters so that the audience could feel the vibration and used the first-person experience of sunlight on Mars.

I think you can always put your signature on your speakers before playing. But not the same.

[Anglia Ruskin University, via BGR]
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