Tuesday , September 28 2021

Luis Novarese is on vacation: "I'll tell"

Luis Novaresio It was a year of work. Work in America and Radio Network, as in the signal A24 and Infobae, Novaresio drew attention to his colleagues as one of the best journalists of the year.

After a year, the driver gets two weeks' rest, so he replaces the cycle "I'll Say". They were chosen by Jose Nunes and Noel Vila for the production cycle Moria Casán will launch programs on January 6 and 13, Noonzone had two days off.

Thus, it will be Jorge Rial for four months Violators. The One this is a favorite channel of the channel so she was chosen to embrace Novaresio in a successful American conversation cycle. The journalist returns to the front I'll tell Sunday, January 20.

In addition, the driver will continue with his cycle Incorrect, which begins in the summer from 16:30 to 19:00 and adds half an hour to the traditional program duration.

On the other hand, the producer is Jotax Also available at Saturday night from Saturday, 22nd Incorrect, Cycle of Moriam. If the specific Casán spent six days a week in the American program.

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