Sunday , August 14 2022

Marcelo Gallardo: "In my opinion, the final is played, I play everywhere, you need to know that Boca is presented"


This was a serious blow to the climate. The river Gymnasium was fined by La Plata in semifinal Argentinian Cup and did not achieve the goal of finding three championship matches. Due to uncertainty A millionaire He is waiting for his decision regarding the incident in the previous version of the Congolese Disciplinary Department Superfinals Copa Libertadores wins the opponent Mouth.

And after the two suspensions and the journey to the Wolf, Marcelo Gallardo He broke the silence at the door of the dressing room at José María Minella Stadium in Mar del Plata. "Today I want to talk about the game, which is a complicated whole of Argentina football. It was hard to find out what happened, but I think we played a very good game"She says, but then, when she was asked questions, she gave her the opportunity to express her opinion.

"Especially In my opinion, the final is played, we expect a failure, but I have this security. From tomorrow we will prepare the match and then we will see where it plays, I play it anywhere. First, it is necessary to see that the ruling game will be played, and then Boca will present himselfhe said.


"The game was good for us, but we never finished it, and when we used it, we could not cover it because the gymnastics responded and linked it."

"We found the time to cover it, in the second half we had two obvious moments, but we did not do it, they got into the game, penalties are sometimes favorable to you, sometimes against you."

«This game was planned, we had to admit it was not ideal to play it because it was a little talk about it, but we did not pay attention. "

"It's all very difficult, there are a lot of situations, It's not just isolated event, it's always been the match of Copa Libertadores. In a very specific case, in a very special context, We were in the world's eyes and stood before the storm. We have a chance to play a football game, there is nothing, we have to prepare for it, then something we do not care about. "

"We are strong, we have shown it several times, but now it is not connected with us. We are strong, we are competing«

"We think they are guilty, In many cases, our team has been blamed for the discrepancy. I waited, I do not want to say what I think and feel. "

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