Monday , September 27 2021

Mass and recitals: 14th anniversary of Cromañón tragedy

An example of chromnanko for 14 years

14-year-old Cro-Magnon mass

14-year-old Cro-Magnon mass

San Juan's archbishop, Jorge Lozano, After Buenos Aires, Mario Poli.

«14 years ago, he started to feel very special to us, but the foundation is love, "says Lozano, who distributes candles as a parent group.

An example of chromnanko for 14 years

Metropolitan Cathedral Cromano for 14 years

Metropolitan Cathedral Cromano for 14 years

He also said, "We can encourage us to seek God in our burden," so "living in this life does not dry out life, but love strengthens us."

Members of the Plaza de Mayo family

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Relatives of victims of the Plaza de Cromañón in Mallorca – Credit: @marceloramal

«Let's continue with the faith so that we can walk with each other. We need to remember that our hope is renewed and that God's love never abandons us, "he said.

On the other hand, Maria Rosa, mother of Soledad Barata He warned that "time does not hurt." He said:This has not suffered much on a yearly basis. Getting to massage is a way to overcome it, and you have the confidence to help. "

After the gathering, families have repeatedly conducted artistic interventions and musical presentations.

"Families of Life", as well as at sacred activities, where there are 194 candles dedicated to victims at 22.50.

The Coordinadora x Cromañón Group hosted the festival "Kraman with us all" in Castillon, Veles Sansfield and Humayta, and from 18 "We Cromañón" held a festival in the city of Park in the "Centenary" slogan #EducarEsCombatir.

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