Saturday , June 3 2023

Mechanics of work: Marcelo Bilsz's great holiday in Leeds


Marcelo Bilssa He left one of the coaches left nothing to do. Disorder Funny are trademarks registered on their working methods and final training Leeds United, Rosarine gave her an example when she noticed that testing was going as planned.

In one recent experience, before your next commitment Bristol City, correspondence Football Championship, The second section England, Was the goal of Rosarine Patrick Bhamford, one of the members of the campus supervised by him.

After the attack, Biesela has taken over 50 meters and has captured the capture Congratulations on the mechanics developed at the training. The picture is rarely seen because DT it should not open its euphoria.

The Leeds march thirdly to participate in the tournament and to achieve its success Premier League. Yours 30 points they hold the vortex Funny expectation of index, Norwich, that amount 33 and escort, Midlsbro, which is accumulated 31.

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