Monday , June 5 2023

Michelle appeared, the girl lost in Jose K. Paz, chronicle


Michel Denis FalkerSix days ago, Jose K. An 18-year-old teenager was unknown when he left his home in Buenos Aires. good health Tres de Fabero informed his family about family and police information sources.

"The police found me Michelle and told me in the middle of the night, fortunately he was healthy and safe", confirmed the teenager's mother, Gabriele.

Apparently, Falker spoke and confessed to his father by telephone "He Fell Out of His Own Funds", and Pilar's Department for Research (DDI), who was responsible for the search, found the call at the home of Tres de Frévreau, Buenos Aires.

Michelle Feller left the house on Sunday, November 18, when he left his home in San Antonio, Jose K. Paz, and his brother believed that, "He is on the back of a red Clio car".

Since then, his family has been intensely searched and complained about the location of the third police station. Last Wednesday, Jose K.

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