Thursday , August 11 2022

Mika Wikicon Announces Soldier's Defeat Cristian Won


Mica Viciconte, as well as Pérez, became a reality show participant Nine, "Fighting"A few days ago, Perez asked the program, when he asked some people to" give them some kind of love "and that they had been exposed to violence in the program.

At present, an Attorney-General points out that Cristian U.

«In front of the show"WikiLeaks said that the Warrior man was a" difficult person. " "I shared a lot of things with him. There are no identical codes, "he said.

Similarly, when he said that there were no "cases of persecution", when he had "meetings and discussions," he said: "I'm on the same pierce because I know Christian U. I have no good memories. " When she asked her former husband about her condition, she said, "Everybody needs time to open their own time."

In addition, he said: "It was a conflict with production. Those who did not appear in the camera do not mean they did not. He had a lot and for something that he did in the battle.

Finally, he said: "I have nothing against Christianity, and I share it and I have a cross. But in this case, I support women. "

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