Monday , September 27 2021

Mike Amigorena: "One person in the subway touched me, and I could not do anything"

An interview in the final version of the 2018 program I'll tell turned around men's heroic deeds they spoke about the facts of persecution they suffered at any time in their lives. Mike Amigorena, One of the guests invited to the American cycle he talked about the experience recently lived.

"One and a half months ago there were many people in the car (metro), and I was always close to the door." This kind is morocco (which acts in the hands of a higher person) I had to leave and he put me in the queue ""said Amigorena, who said that the man had touched her.

All the guests and the driver of the program will be surprised, Luis Novaresio, he continued: "I swear, I'm left … After talking about that Sofia (Vitola, his daughter) me:So you can see how you feel. & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;.

"You do not know what your feelings are … The guy jumped out of the car, and before I got up on the stairs, I looked at him and I had no choice but to humiliate him. But I could not do anything. I was loud, but it did not matter. What do I do? Will I hit him? See what he does. I told myself:For example, every five minutes a woman ".

Then he gave a detailed description of the situation and said that when he was going to the subway, he repeatedly felt that the man had touched him: "After saying the second time, I said," This guy is touching me. " I was paralyzed. My wife told me, "Imagine being a favorite, a collective, a manager (we can get hold of it)."

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