Sunday , August 7 2022

Millennium electronic penalties Edenor and Edessa …


Edenor and Edsur have to pay a penalty of 460 million pesos for the capital distributors. ENRE, according to the National Electricity Regulatory Authority, has duplicated or diminished prolonged reductions in approximately 360,000 in the last semester. In the case of Edenor, the fine was $ 170 million. Peso, and Edsur has spent $ 291 million. Two electric distributors will provide users with an ENRE penalty for the disadvantages of the service, but only to users who suffer from system crashes.

As a result of the review of the third annual service quality, which occurred in March and August of the current year, the regulatory authorities found that deviations within the scope of the Concessionaire's breach had been breached by the thresholds set in the Comprehensive Inspection Tariff. (RTI). In the case of Edenor, the company concludes that one per user has 3.57 out of the average break and 13.35 per user average. Both values ​​were lower than the parameters (4.53 pauses per user and 14.40 hours of average duration). In Edsur, the average duration of interruptions remained at 14.18 hours, while the parameter was 16.49, but the average frequency of interruptions (3.79 maximum threshold 3.10). According to official data, the registered abnormalities amounted to about 285,000 people.

Penalties for Edenor were as follows: 155 mln. 6 million In the case of technical failure of the US $ 9 million. For Edsur are the following: $ 105 million in service quality; $ 7 million in technical product and $ 179 million in commercial battlefield troubles.

The requirements set out in the Summary Tariff Review cover 2017-2021. According to a public ENE report, companies are issued within a few days, providing services to their users and showing technical and commercial product shortcomings. Overall, $ 460,953,457.10 turnover between the two companies will be lost, and the return will only be for users who suffer from system interruptions.

Unpublished Tasks Comprehensive tariff review (MES) conducted at the end of 2016 has identified ways to improve electrical service, based on Saifi's and Saidi's reduction. At the same time, it allowed to increase revenue in the six months and increase the number of distributors for investment.

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