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More than 600,000 children still vaccinated against measles and rubella: two days left – 28/28/2018


The national monitoring campaign against girls and beetles ends on Friday and the goal is not yet implemented. More than 600,000 children aged 13 to 4 years did not receive an additional dose of three viral vaccines free and obligatory hospitals and health centers in the country.

According to the latest report by the Ministry of Health, they were used for eight weeks 2,194,569 2,817,000 doses are planned targeted population. The campaign is about 78 percent anticipated at the beginning of the patient (up to 80 percent in the first month), so health authorities encourage children to vaccinate.

The city and the province of Buenos Aires are 72% and 66% respectively with the worst offensives in the jurisdictions. This means There are four in the capital, and one in the region is sowing three children. In the rest of the country, Tierra del Fuego (74%) and Santa Cruz (76%) exceeded 80%. An example is Jujuy, Corrientes, and Chaco, which already exceeded 95% (even at 99%).

"It is important to recognize that all vacancies and sacrifices that the immunizations team can do in all jurisdictions of the country, strong business"Said Cristian Biscayart, Head of the Directorate of Immune-Prophylactic Disease Control (DICEI). He gave people understandable to children who were "vaccinated" because they understood it it is a very good vaccine dose"It is very important that people who have not yet been adopted have a lot of coverage compared with today," he said.

Felling on Friday is not available in Buenos Aires For the celebration organized by the G20 summit, it will be the last day that will take place tomorrow in Buenos Aires.

How confirmed Clarin Campaign from the Ministry of Health will not be extended. However, once the strategy is completed, each region monitors unaccounted children. Higher concentrations, tourism and low coverage areas additional measures Immunization of those who have not been vaccinated in these two months.

The action is held every four years in order to ensure the elimination of measles and rubella in the country. Additional doses of three viral vaccines are applied – calendar-based – all children from 13 months to 4 years, 11 months and 29 days. Thus, he tries to reduce the annual accumulated anomalies (which constitutes 10% of the necessary immunity), consisting of children in the usual program vaccinated and vaccine-free children.

According to the last two campaigns, in 2014 and 2009, 82% and 98% respectively were covered.

The vaccine is free in all medical centers and state hospitals in the country. Children with immune system will not be asked for medical care. Individual vaccines are also part of the strategy (you only provide a certificate for social work or a pre-paid payment included in that center).

It is important to provide coverage for more than 95% vaccine Avoid returning to the beet, which has reported a recent endemic situation in the country since 2000. This year 14 import cases were registered. In the region, according to the Pan American American Health Organization, there were 891 cases in 11 countries and 85 deaths from the disease. Venezuela has been active for more than a year now and has suffered most of the time following Brazil and the United States.

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