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"Most of us deny the billionaire" – Eduard Kostantini's statement on the explosion in the networks – 22.11.2018


In Malabá and Noradde, businessman and owner Eduardo Kostanti gave a radio interview. He said that the privately-owned crisis in Tigris "will feel everywhere." , but "it's easier than any other place".

Journalist Jayro Stachy's "Daily Program" on Radio "Radio" tells the government about the businessman Maurizio Macri's leadership. However, Twitter users blasted on Twitter saying to the businessman: "There is a huge loss of assets in Argentina, we will stop being a lot of billionaires, he had an informal meeting.

This statement was promptly infected by the virus, and the safes did not allow him to enjoy it. Kostanay people wrote to Costantini @patgow: "Costantini got breakfast tonight with the Tonadita brand, it's hard for you to get out of Sancor, the truth will hit you.

During the interview, Straccia reminded Forbes magazine's rating of millionaires including mogul of real estate. In this connection, Kostantin has been hit by the "rating in billionaire" because they "estimate the price of shares" and its estimates are in the "Consultatio" today's rating "They are about 30 percent."

In social networks, he left it under the words and phrases "Power of Eduipity", they filled Twitter with a cheerful letter and original comments.

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