Friday , May 14 2021

NASA sent Juno to Jupiter in 2011. She took pictures of art

Satellite images are taken from NASA on Oct. 29 by a closed 16th aircraft.

Tropical frustration in the south passes through the spectacular Red River steppe of Jupiter and shows the NASA colorful ornamental tone from the series of enhanced paintings.
Juno has been traveling to Jupiter for many years before July 2016. Spacecraft scientists are studying the composition and evolution of Jupiter and enjoying what they find. Jupiter is the fifth planet of the Sun and the largest planet in the solar system.

"The main topic of our discoveries is how Jupiter differs from our expectations," said Scott Bolton, a leading researcher at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. "It was Jupiter's closer and more personalized view, and we thought it was relative and scarce, and we're nothing more than that."

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The water vortex in this picture is Jupiter's cloud of northern North Temperature.

Like clouds in the Earth, humans look for images inside them.

NASA started the game.

But others prefer to watch the bird to the bird.

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There are no airplane or supertime posts yet. But NASA has made Twitter that is a hub of doufect.

NASA said December 21 marks the half point of data collection from the main mission of Juneon. For example, there are plenty of promising videos, and in the future, the lazy Sunday takes away the cloud from space.

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