Sunday , April 2 2023

NASA's News: Scientists have discovered on the Earth & # 39; UNIQUE & # 39; Mars explores meteorite science news


NASA and the US Army analyze Marseille meteorites to get new information on the functioning of the Red Planet. One of the so-called "black beauty" samples is about 2 billion years old and water, which is unique to the rest. The visuals show scientists from the Army Research Labs that use CT scan to capture deeper metal and rock depths and create 3D high-quality images. "Black Beauty" – about the size of baseball and about half a pound weight.

Jennifer Sitter, an army-style engineer, explains: "The only thing about black beauty is one of the oldest March meteorites on earth.

"That's what proves that water has any evidence.

"In my opinion, there are many advantages that NASA and ARL have in common.

"In the big picture ARL supports national space policy. This month and my mission to return to Mars will help improve.

"That's why ARL will help with a lot more science promotion.

"When scanning X-ray CT, we can detect breakage of the material and defects in the test prior to testing."

For the first time, he saw March meteorites and said, "We met in the conference room and removed it, we were wearing gloves.

"It's a great surprise because we're on another planet and we can keep it in our hands."

NASA Goddard Chief Scientist Dr. Jim Garvin says: "Science is really a matter of interaction because only the process of balancing our work requires that we understand what we are doing with our peers.

"I think it will start at the birthday of science, not on the writing page or on the computer screen.

"Thus, we are working with new techniques that measure what we did not previously experience in the things we did not understand and that's the best way to go.

"Space is a great place and a lot of work is needed."

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