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New horizons for Ultima Thule flyby are ready

LAUREL, Massachusetts – The NASA's new horizons are ready to carry out the worst airplane in the solar system that has affected government interruptions.

The new horizons will draw closer to Kuiper Belt's object 2014 MU69, Ulemi Thule, at 12.33. 1. The space shuttle will cost 6.6 billion Tenge. 14 kilometers per second.

At the beginning of December, the controllers offered to "upgrade knowledge" to the new horizons, changing the time of events on the plane for two seconds, improving the knowledge of Ultima Thule's spacecraft. At the briefing at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) on December 30, New York's operational manager Alice Bouman says:

The new horizons are in good shape, which is not a sign of any problems that can interfere with the aircraft. "Spacecraft is healthy," he said. When we confirm that the spacecraft modernization has been successfully used, "we feel great pleasure". the modernization has been successfully installed on spacecrafts.

Scientists working on the mission were happy about the science that the New Horizons would expect to return, but they did not think about themselves. "Many of my silences show that the mission works exactly as we expected. The planet's scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center, Geoff Moore, is part of a team of new horizons for geological and geophysical research. "The novelty of the latest education keeps us in good shape to get really beautiful pictures."

The biggest challenge for the days before the Flip became technical rather than bureaucratic. Some government agencies, including NASA, have fired a few months ago to declare events as partial termination of government shutdown on December 22 after funding. The NASA closure plan does not update the agency website and social networking sites, and NASA claims it's off-line.

However, NASA Administrator Jim Byrdsn December 27 Since NASA's TVs and social media accounts continue to work on the flight, it has been "financed" ahead of time for a contract to support this work. APL also plans to extend airplane briefings to its social media accounts and websites.

Alan Stern, the first researcher, will not be able to make an announcement about what happened in the media on December 30 because he is planning an official visit to NASA officials. "Besides, we do not influence ourselves," he said.

NASA's civil servants, some of the members of the academic community, have been affected by 95% of the agency's workforce, which is a very important operation, Stern said.

Among them Moore and other Ames scholar Dalee Krookshans said that they had to deal with bureaucracy, but they had to get permission to fly to FULLOUF and APL. "We both used to fill in the documents one day," he said.

Stern Ultima Thule flyby
Alan Shtern, senior researcher at New Horizons, tells about the upcoming trip to the APL at the briefing on December 30. Credit: SpaceNews / Jeff Foust

Scientifically beautiful place

Moore and other scholars expect seven gigabytes of data collected during the launch of the new horizons, including details about Ultima Thule, including details of the image, spectrum and details. Several pictures and other data are returned in the afternoon, and the spacecraft takes about 20 months to send all the data it has collected over the Earth.

New horizons do not have contact with the ground. He sends some information that has been gathered up to a close relationship on December 31. In the nearest future, he sends a 15-minute telemetry that describes the "health and safety data burst", including the amount of data collected. It is expected that the Earth will come at 01:29 at 10:29. After January 1, the spacecraft will begin returning data collected on board the aircraft.

Ultima Tule Kuiper Belt is considered to be part of the "cold classic" objects. The name "cold" does not refer to their temperatures, but rather their low propensity and eccentric orbit, said Hal Weuer, a project scientist at the New Horizons 4.6 billion. years ago from the solar system, they say that they have not changed or changed.

"This is primarily the most primitive object encountered with the spacecraft," he said in Ultim Thule. "The best chance of the solar system at this distance".

"The Kuiper belt is just an amazing piece of land. This is the place where we have the best preserved specimens from the era of our solar system, "Stern said. "There is nothing in the scientific sense."

Scientists are also happy about Flyby, as there is little information about Ultima Thule when looking for potential goals for a new horizons mission in July 2014 after Pluto. No more than 30 kilometers of Space Hub telescope and New Horizons.

"We do not know anything about MU69," says Stern. "We have never been in the history of space history ever before."

One of these uncertainties is the rotation of the object. Scientists hope to find out that Ultima Thule's light has become their axis, looking for a model for the brightness of an object over a period of time. However, it is difficult to detect a flat light and control the rotation period until the object is controlled.

According to Uiver, there are some "tips" in the spacecraft, according to lightweight data transmitted over several hours. "When we confused, he means that he can run fast, but we did not believe it, but we were in the team," he said.

According to Uiver, the new comment on the absence of lighting is directly related to the rotation axis of Ultima Thule, so it always looks at a part of the object.

However, there are alternative comments. Marquee Beverly, who oversaw the star's occult occult in front of the stars in July 2017 and in August 2018, says that the object's unique shape can explain a flat crack. Although these occultisms show that the subject may have two hatchways, the three hatchtips are flat.

Considering enough time to develop the models, Beaux said that Ultima Thule might have a form of shining interpretation. But in the near future the spacecraft will give its own answers. "Why wait until you take a picture?"

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