Saturday , June 3 2023

Now Gissella Barretto opposes the vaccine: "They are part of our mortality"


After a strong campaign to support her "two lives", Gisella Barretto now has her public health problem in her program after giving an incomprehensible explanation of anal sex Trust substitutes mountains: She complains of vaccines as a cause of "extermination".

"Although they are offered to us as a healing and health improvement, we will show you in the program vaccines are part of our mortality– he says in the presentation.

According to Dr. Chindra Brandolina's dubious data and supposed scientific support, "HPV, one of the most poisonous vaccines, relates vaccines and reproductive health, or abortions." the population can be reduced from 10% to 15%According to Bill Gates (!), He warned.

So, Barretto they face the official vaccination campaigns and the opinions of many scientists and medical professionals in this area. Minimum irresponsibility.

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