Tuesday , June 6 2023

One of the nude girls in the bowling alley is 15 years old


Representatives from the provinces of Santa Fe acted after the distribution of the images adolescents remove their clothing to win the alcohol drinks at the Parana Bowling Alley. In addition, this has been confirmed One of the youngest pubs is 15 years old.

This is one of the steps taken within the next few hours the police find girls who came to show their chest during the "race" to win the girls, including small, sparkling wine.

According to the portal One Santa Fe, the purpose of which is to determine where he has been released and if such a situation is commonplace in the bowling alley of Parana. There is another priority in the investigation Talk to teens with adolescents.

Another event will be organized by the Office for Gender Violence and Santa Fe Agreement with the Ministry of Defense municipal authorities, police, bowling owners, and all the people who supervise the night-time pubs in Paraná. In this context, juveniles are vulnerable to corruption and other crimes, such as alcohol or drug addiction for underage children.

In particular, according to the police, They require more municipalities and government forces to be present and monitor at night.

Remove the bowling animator

In the Facebook social network of Facebook, the young man posted on his social network, He is not far from self-criticism but has asked those who have sent the matter to "do what is right".

"It's a good idea to start thinking about those poor people in Pio and think about it, and I think they have too many things to do without knowing it," he wrote.

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