Monday , August 15 2022

Orion's spacecraft assembly begins as an engine in the United States


This delicate name is used to describe a part of the ship's mission mission that provides space maneuverability with NASA and European ESA.

The main engine of the ship is a reconstructed car unit, called the orbital shunting system, and 24 small engines, grouped into six remote controls for the eight holes used to adjust the orbit.

The apparatus includes all the 20,000 components including the four-day array wing, gas and fuel tanks.

Now, this module is a state, NASA engineers start testing it to be in the all-environments. Upon completion of this stage, pairing operations with the crew module begin. The expected meeting to be held next year will be sent to Plum Brook Station in Ohio.

He spent 60 days in the world's largest thermal vacuum chamber. If everything goes well, Orion returns to Kennedy Space Center to join Space Launch System.

The first flight «Orion», «Exploratory Mission-1» (EM-1) allows you to see the spacecraft 280,000 miles (450,000 km) from the Earth.

NASA has informed Orion about this flight The cosmonauts will stay long in space in spite of being faster and more hotter than returning to the space station without returning to the space station. "

According to EM-1, the crew of Exploration Mission 2 (EM-2) turns into an orbit, holds a high elitism demonstration around the world, and then serves the European modular module, Moon on it. It is expected that the mission will last for at least eight days.

The European Service Module is a result of cooperation with several major European companies, including long-term partner ESA and Airbus contractor, and the crew of Orion's crew Lockheed Martin.

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