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Other Cristiano Ronaldo victims: 46 parents died in search of justice

"His heart is ill". Nilda Gomez, the President of the "Family for Life", repeats the diagnosis when presenting the list of other victims of the Cromañón tragedy. During one bowling event, on December 30, 2004, 194 people were killed and over 1400 were injured. But this figure is not over. During these 14 years, during the search for justice, at least 46 emergency survivors were unhappy. Many people died fluid cancer or heart problems.

"Every event looks like a machine gun near you, and you can be next. Someone feels the fire is in line"Assured Gomez, the anniversary of the largest natural phenomena in our country.

There was a common transaction for relatives and friends of the victims of the tragic Cromañón. Each of them was safe from the burden. Some have won it in the struggle for justice. Marches, Acts and Accounts. Others could not hold it. For 14 years, they have been ill and have lost their energy. They the other side of the tragedy.

Gomez explained that most of the 46 parents who died had malignant tumors. One of them was Marina Marcez, the mother of Mariana Elizabeth de Oliver Marquez. Many people remember it when they talk to Anibal Ibarra in lawmaking It's a "political dead body."

At least 46 parents of Cromanon's victims died in search of justice.
At least 46 parents of Cromanon's victims died in search of justice.

The list is scalable. Oswald Zapata's mother, Maria Christina, died of the same disease as Camargo; Mirta Gimenes and Mario Manchilla, Jorge Manchel's parents; Nora Mönned, mother of Cecilia Roumie; along with others.

When recollecting Torquiko, the mother of Gomes Edwin Gonzalez Torricio, Torresco cries her troublesome diagnosis: "Her heart is painful." Or the father of Fernando Madinah, concerning Horaceo Medina:He could not solve the dispute«

President of the Public Association "Familias" Por La Vida noted It suffices them to suffer. "This tragic event is inexplicable and can not be quantified, but we are moving forward," he said.

Rosa Maria's case is one of many examples of this fight. During the fire he lost two children: 31-year-old Mariano Vassaniakomo and her sister Veronica, 25 years old.

In this dialogue, Rose says every year at the end of the year, pain can not be overcome. After a tragic event in 2013, her husband, Carlos, died with great sadness. "They have been there for 14 years and I do not have them." Everyone asks me how to do it. I was trying to get my husband back when my children died and oncological diseases, heart disease, and death.

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