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Police have killed a guy in Santa Rosa and suicidal?


Angelina Julio Alaniz Montenegro's mother discovered that the scene she had discovered when she entered the yard at the Santa Rosa. His son came dead on the floor and was wounded. His daughter was in one house, and she too died. According to investigators, the woman was shot dead by a police assistant, a partner, and then took her life.

Yesterday afternoon, he complained about the provincial east. At 13.30, the mother of the assassinated teenager came to the house at the 80-year-old Calle Alejo Malleya, in the area where 29 streets are located in the downtown area of ​​Octubre, in the area where winemakers and vineyards won.

Alaniz was 28 years old and had future cadets at the University Public Security Institute (IUSP). Her daughter was an assistant Jimena Belen Rosales Gimences (25), who He served in the traffic police in San Martin, the Ministry of Security informs.

There was a kiosk at home where a young man's body was found. According to the preliminary data and according to the strongest hypothesis of the research, Twilight shot Rosales Alaniz and killed him. Due to purpose, sources are listed Andriy this child was injured by a pencil and the other was in the beginning.

After all the crime, they all took off their auxiliary weapons and took them to their head and drew away their life immediately. It saved the clock in the morning after wearing it.

Is the horsepower mobile?

One of the investigative networks is the possibility of transitional drama as a cause of criminal activity. When replaced, he learned that Rosales Alanis had the intention or met with his former friend. This was the worst cause of the debate. "Despite this help," said the source secretly.

There are frequent fights and arguments between the two parties, which are closely related to their friends. They even performed fights among the public.

The work of scientific police experts defines the mechanisms of the events and proves that they kill the suicide after the suicide, the Ministry of Security reported. The investigation was under the control of departmental prosecutor Marianna Kahiza.

The son and sister of the army

Angel Julio Alaniz – seniors and retired sergeant sibling pensioner cashier. He was 28 years old, trying to follow his father and his brother, so he entered the IUSP.

Apparently, when Rosalés met, both of them read. Some have witnessed the debate between these two men.

But Alaniz never finished. The young man was released immediately after the course at the police school.


Angel Julio Alaniz 28 years old. Candidate in IUSP. There was a kiosk in the dead house of the victim.

Jimena Belen Rosales 25 years old. The force assistant worked for the police. The 25-year-old girl left her watch for the incident.

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