Monday , June 5 2023

Preparing the river with Boka for the final with El Monumental


Fan Subcommission, one of its managers, affirmed: The match against Boca does not show mosaics. However, Sacha Huberman – who was responsible for that division – was talking to La Page Millionaire, saying, "We use 450 red and white bars and weigh over 35 thousand balloons."

The match will be similar to the 2015 Tigers match held in the home of millions of people. That year Gallardo's leaders won the Cup … So thanks to the cabin?

In fact, 66266 tickets are sold and before the arrival of the Superfinal, the entire population of the river prepares a special reception that includes speeds and slippers. From that subcommitteeThey asked all movie theaters "going to the chest with the group".

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