Tuesday , November 24 2020

Prince Harry and Megan Marcle moved from the Kensington Court

because Prince Harry and Megan Marcle They took an oath of eternal love in the St. George Church, they were the favorite spouses of many Londons and the whole world, so every novel about the fans is of interest to us.

A few weeks later, the Kensington Palace confirmed it officially leaves the Nottingham cottage, the governor of Sussex.

Married couples move to a new home near Windsor Castle to become their firstborn.

Prince Harry and Megan Marcle. Picture: Getty Images.

"The Duchess and Dushese of Sussex will move to Windsor's Frogmor Cottage next year, preparing for the arrival of their first child. Last year the couple lived at the Nottingham Church. «, the statement reads.

"Windsor is a special place for their Royalty, and they are pleased with their official residence on the farm". The statement also revealed offices in Megan and Harry "They will continue their headquarters at the Kensington Court."

Prince Harry and Megan Marcle and their new home

The new residence is located in Windsor Castle, ten rooms, nurseries, gym and yoga room.

Due to the mood of Queen Elizabeth Megan and Harry, After all, their official photos were taken there and the reception was held last May.

Supervisor of Sussex
Supervisor of Sussex. Picture: Getty Images.

There is a natural environment with more than 133 thousand square meters of land.

Frogmore House wants to create a family and expect its next baby to be born next spring.

Author: Paola Juárez @paolalyy
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