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Problems of the Gas Company born of Canadian Brookfield


Gas Natural Fenosa opens its name and image to date

Johnny Giraldo López – [email protected]

With the help of the Government in 1987: a Natural gas is S.A. ESP, A major shareholder of Ecopetrol, a company responsible for supplying gas to the country's capital and its surrounding municipalities. Twenty-two years later, the company completed 1.5 million connections across the country and bought the Spanish company Fenosa, so the word "Fenosa" became known to the company. to date At present, the firm has more than 3 million contacts and renamed its name and image as its property rights change: Brookfield owns 54.7% of shares.

A few weeks after the start of the New Year, there are some difficulties the new company has to fulfill its roadmap commitments. At least three here:

1. Increasing gas consumption

Gas Natural, with more than three million installations and a total of 22,000 kilometers, owns 32 percent of the market and wants to increase home natural gas by 50 percent.

"If all households use gas for gas, it can be used in smoke or dryer clothes, more than half of today's consumption can be consumed. Many people say that this resource has reached the peak of the country, but there are still many ways to use it, and it depends on government regulations to achieve it, "said President of the Gas Natural Company, Rodolfo Anaya Bello.

2. Delivery of Transmileno

The company provides 10 million cubic centimeters a year, depending on the transport system in Bogota, Transmilia. This business is a turnover of up to $ 30,000 million a year.

Despite the fact that the delivery and transportation contracts have been signed, it is necessary to build infrastructure for yards and compressor stations from the previous waist to implement the project. Investments in these facilities amount to $ 20,000 million.

"We plan to build three stations in the back yard that will provide users with security. Our supplier will be Ecopetrol ", – added Anaya.

3. Expand the scope

Although Natural Natural Fenosa has a large market share in the business, its coverage will reach 8.8 million. According to experts, the last census in Dane has shown that there are 13 million households.

Orlando Cabrales, President of Naturgas, said, "We need a comprehensive natural gas policy that will generate significant demand for growth and long-term investment.


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