Monday , June 5 2023

Prosecutor shot KETEP soldier in the back – Tagam


Rodolfo Orellana, who was killed during a visit to Ciudad Evita, Laos, Laos, capital of Buenos Aires, was shot dead in the evening, but was not restored to find out what kind of attack he was attacking. Buenos Aires Province, Julio Conte Grand.

"We have a pre-discovery, as described by the prosecutor, when talking to the C5N, that the weapon is involved in the scrapulation of the shell, the exit hole in the face, the nasal level."

Conte Grand said the weapon could not be detected in the attack because "the gun was not in the physical cavity and the caliber was difficult to identify."

Nevertheless, the forensic examination, which works during the final verification, seeks to "base the weapon profile on the diameter of the inlet and outlet holes and inside the inner cavity."

"The first test showed that the shooting was behind," the prosecutor's office said, "the authorities are careful and analyze all the hypotheses."

"We are very cautious, and we are at the critical moment to prove the test," said the representative of the General Prosecutor's Office in an interview with Radio Mitchell.

Conte Grand also instructed Buenos Aires Police Officers to submit a list of police officers in Buenos Aires province who were assigned to guard the premises and did not carry weapons, as well as at least two patrol cars visited.

"In fact, to ensure the safety of the weapon, all the troops were convinced that they carry rubber ammunition, but when the situation is over we have armatures and we have to test their weapons," Conte Grand explained.

According to the prosecutor, the prosecutor's office and the Prosecutor-General's Office are conducting checks on the case, for example, to obtain a cassation and police file, in which no one was arrested for killing.

"Police officers of PLO-CCPO Rodolfo Orella were shot at the clashes on the ground in Cologne, unemployed, unemployed, unemployed people can not hire and eat at the same time," he said. said Juan Grabua in his Twitter account.

They also listed four prisoners named Mirian Calizaya, Hugo Vedia, Wilson Delgado, and Alanas Koria, who were in the 3rd Police Station. Residents of the city of Evita.

This fact is examined by other prosecutors, Jorge Etemi, who is responsible for the functional division of the Department of Criminal Division (UFI) of the Judicial Department, which ordered the appropriate trial.

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