Saturday , June 3 2023

Puma did not oppose Scotland and was defeated for the third time in its excursions in Europe


Puma they were not in the previous duel Celtic and they fell 14-9 at the stadium MurrayField. The Argentine team continued their victory over European excursions and could not overcome it yet.

In the rainy days in Edinburgh, the team of Mario Ledesma, who made the mistake of both sides, found a strong local team knowing that they had the opportunity to score points, and their biggest drawback was the lack of effectiveness in play-offs in clubs.

Cardo's only game was made by attacker Sean Maitland. He was blind after a good decision by striker Grig Lydlow.

The Argentinean rugby team fined Nicolas Sanchez with three fines and three others, Emiliano Boofelli, was unable to miss another, and the team did not know how to keep the ball near the opponent.

The most obvious thing for Pumas, after crossing Boffelli and later was due to the center of Jerónimo de la Fuente, but he dropped the ball forward in front of the opponent's possession and return.

Of course, a week ago, the Alpe-Leste team showed France to improve the performance against Lille, and it is even worth the duel again.

Thus, taking into account the last two players of the Romanian championship, Pumas scored their fifth victory. Management was strong in one team, but a strong factor in Yugare T-shirts in super-rugby, a few worn out today. Probably, matches may be accumulated for a group of players.

Next week they greet Barbarians and close their year. Rugby players will have a decent break and then return to work for the Super Rugby-2019 presentation. Next year, the World Cup in Japan will be important.

Match synthesis:

Scotland (14): Stewart Hogg; Sean Maitland, Hugh Jones, Fin Russell, Blair Kinghorn; Adam Hastings, Greg Laidlaw (Captain); Josh Strus, Hanish Watson, Jamie Rickey; Johnny Gray, Grant Gilescrew; Simon Burhan, Fraser Browne, Allan Dell.

Recording failed: George Horn.

Coach: Greg Townsend.

Argentina (9)Emiliano Boffelli; Bautista Delgui, Mathias Moroni, Jeronimo de la Fuente, Ramiro Moyano; Nicolás Sanchez, Gonzalo Bertrandou; Javier Ortega Desio, Rodrigo Brunini, Pablo Matera (captain); Thomas Lavanini, Guido Petty; Santiago Medrano, Agustín Creevy, Santiago García Botta.

Recording failed: Lucy Sordoni.

Coach: Mario Ledesma

For the first time: 3 and 32 m. criminals Laidlaw (E), 28m. Criminal Sanchez (A).

A few seconds: 3m Sanchez, 15m. Criminal Ledlow (E), 25 m. Try Maitland (E), 34m. Criminal Sanchez (A),

Changes: Orlando Moroni (A), 10 m. Bertrand (A), 11m. Bergen and William William Nelson (Strauus) and Thomas Lesana (Ortega Desio (A), 20 m). Creevy (A), 21m by Julián Montoya. Stuart MacLingal Brown and Alex Danbar's Hastings (E) and Matthias Alemonna and Lavanini (A), 26 m. Horn Pablo Zeiss Garcia Botte (B) Byron McGugan, Sam Thinner and Alex Allan Kinghorn, Dell and Gray (E), 31m. Sebastián Cancelliere through Delguy (A)

Stadium: Murrayfield, Edinburgh.

Referee: Paul Williams (New Zealand).

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