Tuesday , August 16 2022

Questionnaire and soccer voices: A harsh hobby threatening Argentine bonds


It was the day when it had forgotten Argentine bonds, he doubled the country's risk again,. This evolution shows Argentina the biggest mistrust between investors. 57 000 million For other markets, there are other powerful reasons to avoid local assets.

During the first two days of the week, there were real blows to Argentina's debt. In the medium and long term, there was a sharp decline in dollar bonds. As a consequence, Original papers were a strong performance jump, which goes back to the price. The majority of dollar nominal securities issued by the government are annually annually 10.5% annually at 11%. These are very high rates, which are typically from 5% to 6% (and longer) in Latin American American bonds.

LArgentina has returned to intensive care in terms of markets. It was usually a weak day for the funds, and only the dollar was "rescued", which fell short after the last days' rise and reached 39.90 dollars. After a severe absorption of the pars produced by the Central Bank, these tariffs ceased to decline.

What is the problem of the new sales wave of the bonds? Obtained according to comments Infobae available brokers There are two main reasons for being local and externally focused on the agenda:

1 – Polls suggest that Christine Kirchner is well versed in Mauricio Macri, as she knows from Aresco's consultant last week. In the first round, however, there was little difference, but today would also win the vote. Only a few weeks ago, 80% of Poliarquía Wall Street was convinced that the current president would be re-elected, and only 1% said the former president could return to power. But these percentages should be different. And this big uncertainty appears in the price of debt.

2 – On Saturday, the Copa Libertadores final left a bitter taste for the fans and Boca fans for suspicion and serious frustration. The scandal was news in the world, but many Argentinian bankers working in Miami and New York. On the way, they were on weekends. The message that was handed over to credit operators was a complex government in the country and mistakes in the crisis management process.

Today, political uncertainty is much stronger basis, it should start the price upgrade. The IMF's payments, for example, allow Argentina to withdraw from the financial markets by at least the first quarter of 2020. In addition, the overdue debt is payable both on capital and interest. Therefore, The Argentinean bonds will be owned by major international funds.

But the abundance of funds that the Treasury had to borrow in free currency did not affect the bond price. On the contrary, There is a steady decline in the emerging threat in the new country, with more than 700. For this reason, it did not matter if the dollar fell again on the local market.

It has the longest survival time among the most affected topics. Bonar 2046 lost 2% and was at $ 76.40 when it was over $ 100 at the beginning of the year. 2036 bailouts dropped by 2.2% to 10% per year. In 2024, it has theoretically conservative and has a productivity of more than 11% and is one of the worst in recent days.

There are even short-term loans. The bonds, which will be completed in 2020 and 2021, have also been severely damaged and have earned more than 9% a year. This explains how the presidential changes will affect the Argentine debt. Much to do Kristina Kirchner as Sergio MassaFor example, they discussed the possibility of revising the contract with the IMF. And it is doubtful whether the government will be ready to pay off the debt.

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