Monday , June 14 2021

Rafael Di Zeo and Maureau took part in the funeral of Martin Boeho

The bus carrying the Boca Campus to the Eziza Airport was passed through Parque Lezama last night. Xeneize fans gathered there to abandon a team from Sunday's final in Madrid's Libertadores Cup final. It was among the many people both of them drew attention.

Rafael Di Zeo and Maureo MartinThe historic pavilions of La Doce defended a team of thousands of genuine fans who came to support players for their continental title before meeting the river at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

Although fans were happy to pass to their team, he wished him the best for Superclassico, which is not on concrete concrete on monument aggravation near the stadium. There are two scenes.

Di Recidivo has been eligible for admission since April 2017, so it does not have access to Argentinean stadiums. Yes, he has organized several followers around the stadiums, but did not try to control it.

But this time, he and Santiago Bernabéu do not have other grids. Hispanic authorities have come to a special trip to work together with the Argentineans of the Safe Trust, led by Guillermo Madero, to prevent them entering the stadium for a super-performance.

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