Tuesday , January 31 2023

Repair: Axion has been forced to lower "unbalanced" prices compared to competition


In some provinces diesel fuel fell by 2.14% Source: Archive – Credit: Emiliano Lasvalia

Axion oil company announced yesterday
Diesel prices in Astana decreased by 2.14%, and in some areas reduced the production of naphtha.

"We raised the price, then Shell and YPF
He did it below. This is a commercial strategy of misbalance with our competitors. That is why the correction was made, "Axion said to Telam.

"We have lowered prices for various diesel products in the capital and we did not move on the price of gasoline," they explained.

They also affirmed that "in some provinces, gasoline prices have been adjusted".

"The major decline in capital was premium diesel, which dropped by 2.14%, liter coke – by 90 cents
it came from $ 42.07 to $ 41.17, "they said.

The total gas market in Astana has fallen by 30 cents and has fallen from $ 35.29 to $ 34.98.

According to the company, the price change is responsible for the "commercial strategy" as a result of correction of values ​​in the sector.

"We have made a price increase and the competition shift is made public and then corrected," the firm explained.

On November 1, the oil company increased the diesel oil up to 5% and 7%. A few days later, Shell made an average of 4.8%, and later YPF 2.5% adjusted to the average growth.

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